E-Enablement of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)

NITB Projects

The Federal Investigation Board (FIA) Office complete automation project aims to connect all the wings of the office.


E-Enablement of the FIA agency, headquartered in Islamabad started on July 08, 2008 due to keen interest of the FIA with a capital cost of Rs. 36.645 million. The project was approved for 27 months. FIA has shown great interest in complete automation in consultation with the PCB.

The Need for FIA Office E-Enablement

The Ministry of Information Technology (IT) has advised revising the PC-1 to cater to the change in the software scope.

Project Scope and Objectives

  • Connecting all the sections of the office using high-speed LAN and Ethernet.
  • Operational Systems and critical database relevant system modules.
  • Provision of appropriate software, operating systems, hardware, laptops, and servers. 
  • Enabling connectivity between one zonal office and FIA using LAN and WAN technologies.
  • Prohibiting the use of unlicensed software including MS Office and Microsoft Windows etc.
  • To make sure that no illegal software is used beyond the walls of the FIA (License software provision of MS Office and OS).

Project Progress

So far, Rs 8.894 million have been spent on the project since the start date.

Provision of 152 personal computers, 10 Servers, 10 scanners, 3 laptops, and 22 printers.

Complete E-Office implementation in the FIA Office.

What the Future Holds

NITB collaborates with the Ministry of Information Technology to transform the state of the FIA. Since e-gov Data Center serves all the Federal Government needs of Office Applications, there is no need for the hardware for ERP/E-Office suite for the server component.