NITB assist and support the government departments to bring Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to increase their transparency, productivity, and effectiveness to reduce the gap between citizens and the Government.

In the present century, the advancements in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are changing the various aspects of human life. The changes in the ICTs have brought a high-quality impact on the process of public service delivery and the socio-economic structure of communities. ICT has gained importance in governance and public participation. Governments in the digital age can use data and information to reduce corruption and increase government transparency, accountability, efficiency, and citizen's participation.

NITB supports government departments by offering them assistance, planning, IT support, monitoring, training, and technical advice on numerous on-going government projects. NITB aims to enhance coordination, performance, functionality, and decision-making to increase their effectiveness to play a significant role in the country’s growth and development. In addition, NITB’s team has extensive experience in ICT offering advice and consultation to the government organizations to utilize Information technology to the fullest. ICT services provide governments and citizens with access to better information to make more informed decisions.