Basic IT Training

  • 1. Visit for account creation
    2. After account creation, complete the user profile
        a. While creating an account, mobile number and email verification are required
        b. Mobile numbers must not be ported to another network
    3. Once, the profile is completed, click on the Application tab and then click on Apply button and fill out the Application form
       a. Candidate’s Ministry, Division, Department, Province, and Office City should be the same as Focal Person details, otherwise the application will not be shown to Focal Person’s Dashboard and the application status will remain in pending state
    4. After applying successfully, the application must be verified by the department’s Focal Person nominated by the department
    5. The nominees of the course can access the training material from the link given below:
    6. The form for the nomination of the Focal Person is available at the link given below:
    7. Guideline to Fill out the Nomination Form
  • Nominees for LDC / UDC are required to learn first three Modules of Video Lectures and those for Assistant are required to cover all the six Modules.
  • Candidates failed/absent in any BIT course may not apply for other course. They must pass previous course.