Prime Minister Office Computerization

NITB Projects

Computerization and technology can help the Prime Minister Office employees to access and disseminate information swiftly.


The government’s passion to nurture the use of technology in Pakistan can foster the country’s socio-economic development expeditiously. A digital government can deftly improve the quality of people’s lives. Therefore, a fully automated digital government can streamline its functions and workflows for improved performance of the PM office.

The Project “computerization” of Prime Minister’s secretariat was approved by DDWP for Rest 23.932 M on June 18, 2007. In May 2015, PC-1 was revised at a cost of Rupees 59.042 M due to urgent requirements such as Prime Minister’s Dashboard.

Scope of the Project

NITB is the key player in the PM Office's digital transformation. The project was initiated with the aim to upgrade the PM office and House with a basic ICT infrastructure to improve internal communications and functions of the government. The project’s aim is to automate all business processes in different wings of the PM Office and House.

Project Progress and Achievements

  • Procurement of Hardware and IT infrastructure
  • Public Governance Management System
  • Complete maintenance of the Prime Minister Office' official website. 
  • Deployment of wireless networking (WLAN) with an addition of 120 nodes.
  • An ongoing social media promotion of the PM Office. 
  • Visitor Pass Management System
  • Installation and purchase of licensed Anti-Virus software.
  • Procurement of Silence office
  • Installation of Biometric Devices
  • Addition of Wireless Networking Nodes
  • Help Desk Support

Current Activities

  • On the 5th and 6th floor of the PM Office, deployment of wireless network infrastructure is in progress. 
  • To meet the new requirements of JS (Grv) PM Office, the Grievance Management System is being implemented. 
  • All the existing IT systems and infrastructure is upgraded as per approval of the competent authority on new proposed PC-1 (performa of Planning Commission of Pakistan).