Infrastructure & Automation of President Secretariat

NITB Projects

Strengthening of ICT Infrastructure & Office Automation of President Secretariat


An important benefit of automation is productivity. Automation of the President’s office can help to handle all tasks intelligently and significantly reduce the chances of errors. Strengthening of ICT infrastructure of Awain-e-Saddar through the provision of IT Human Resource, State of the art Security Solution (SIEM), Local Area Network, Server Room establishment, PCs, Laptops, Scanners, licensed Office productivity software, and Power Backup to ICT infrastructure.

Provision of a strong ICT infrastructure base for e-Government applications as per requirements of Aiwan-e-Saddar, and requisite ICT infrastructure for implementation of the Federal Government's official office automation GRP i.e. e-Office/e-Filing System.


  • The hiring of the project staff
  • Tender for procurement of Hardware
  • Tender for the procurement of licensed software
  • Tender for the provision of Security solution (SIEM)

Future Plans

Deployment of LAN and establishment of Server Room at the president’s office; the process has already been initiated.