Vision Mission

The proposed project will establish an efficient, transparent management system, Which will enable an electronic environment within FPSC and its regional offices for internal and citizen services which improve overall efficiency, ensure transparency and extract information rapidly for decision making and information sharing within FPSC and its allied government ministries and departments.

The following main areas will be automated under this project:

(1) Enhancement and Strengthen the existing LAN (300 nodes) established there.

(2) Enhancement in already developed applications in terms of scalibility along with the new application modules.

(3) According to revised scope of Software development following software Modules will be developed (except 10. will be procured):-

  • Requisitions & Recruitment Rules Module (R3M)
  • CSS Module (Candidate Registration, Case Processing and Tracking)
  • General Recruitment (GR) Module (Candidate Registration, Case Processing and Tracking)
  • Unified Examination Module(UEM)
  • Activity & Duty Schedular (ADS)
  • Vehicle Maintenance Module(VMM)
  • Library Management Module
  • Human Resource Module (HRM)
  • Inventory Management Module(IMM)
  • Computer Based Psychological Assessment System
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